I am DLKR, an Australian digital creator based in Tokyo since 1997. On this site, you'll find a growing selection of my photography made available as free wallpapers, wall art prints, photo books, and clean NFTs.

My Content


An iPhone fan since the first one came out, I have enjoyed the incremental technical improvements with each new model as my eye for shots evolved over the years. Meanwhile, easy-to-use photo editing apps and their increasing incorporation of AI opened up aesthetic possibilities previously only achievable by Photoshop gurus.


My first attempts at video production were abysmal and tremendously humbling. I later came across simple apps that would automate the creation of montage videos. This gave me a direction and feasible workflow that freed me to focus on creating content. After several false starts, I started uploading videos regularly to social media (see links in the footer).


All of my content is released to the public domain via the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, letting you do whatever you want with it. Credit is not required, but always appreciated — link to thedlkr.com or tag me on social @thedlkr.

My Offerings

Free Wallpapers

Each month, I publish a set of free wallpapers. If you'd like to receive them via email, scroll down to the bottom right and subscribe. I'll also include discount coupons for my shop from time to time.

Printed Items

Coming later in 2022. I'll be using Gelato to offer wall art prints and photo books. Their global production network enables items to be printed closer to their delivery destination. The shorter shipping distances mean faster deliveries and fewer carbon emissions. In many cases, where printing occurs in the same jurisdiction as the customer, it avoids dealing with customs and import taxes.

Clean NFTs

Coming later in 2022. I'm currently considering issuing NFTs using Tezos, which requires significantly less energy and cost to operate.