I publish free wallpapers featuring various scenes from Tokyo, Japan, each month. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about them.

How do I download your wallpaper pictures?

  1. Open one of my wallpaper sets.
  2. Select a picture to view.
  3. You should see a black bar at the top of your browser.
  4. Select the arrow icon to see sharing options.
  5. Select "Download"
  6. The full photo will be downloaded and appear in a browser tab.
  7. Right-click (or touch and hold on mobile) to save it locally.

There is currently no way to do this and I don't have plans to implement such a feature.

Are your pictures copyrighted? Do I need to give you credit?

  • License: All of my pictures have been released to the public domain under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license
  • Usage: Any purpose is permitted. You do not need to ask for permission.
  • Credit: Attribution is not required but is always appreciated. My name is DLKR, and you can link to my website (thedlkr.com) or tag me on social media (username is @thedlkr on all platforms).

How do I send you a tip?

  • PayPal: paypal.me/thedlkr 
  • BTC: 1AqnGJSsMHA7pk8qtL5aD2XtAZkMv4JU5t
  • ETH: 0x511B10918645B03993B7Fc8Af4bbFABa161de54e

What specs are your wallpapers?

How can I print one of your wallpapers?

Their size and resolution aren't suitable for large, high-quality prints. However, you could try upscaling them with a tool such as GigaPixel AI by Topaz Labs or LetsEnhance.io. Then, give the file to your local print shop or find a print-on-demand vendor online.

Can you offer prints of your wallpapers?

This is planned. If there is a specific picture you would like me to offer prints for, please let me know.